Enhance Your Lifestyle at Plantation Golf Club

We’re proud to introduce the exciting transformation at Plantation Golf Club, featuring a brand-new, full-scale restaurant, an inviting patio, and a stylish bar – all designed to serve golfers and our vibrant Frisco community. Whether you’re catching up with friends or seeking an upscale dining experience, we have what you’re looking for before and after your round. Join us as we redefine the golf club lifestyle. Beyond the greens, beyond the fairways, we offer you an experience that blends sport, fine dining, and a sense of community like never before. Stay tuned as there are more updates to follow!

Where history meets harmony

Nestled in the heart of Texas, Plantation Golf Club stands as a testament to its rich history as a 20th-century farmland. Once vast expanses of crops separated neighbors, but over the years, the land blossomed and changed, weaving houses under the generous shade of intertwined trees. Amidst this evolution, one thing remained constant – the spirit of a close-knit community. Now, Plantation Golf Club rises as a vibrant epicenter of connection, where old neighbors reconnect and new ones meld into the tapestry of the community, making memories far beyond the fairway.

Areas of Focus

Next Steps

Ready to experience the new Plantation Golf Club? Check back regularly for updates or reach out to us with any questions you may have about the transformation.